Serves: 10 – 12

Ingredients :

4 – 5 pounds chicken, cut into parts
8 whole peppercorns
8 large carrots, cut into quarters
2 large onions, cut into chunks
4 tablespoons sea salt
5 – 6 bay leaves
4 stalks celery, chopped into large pieces
Water, as required

Directions :

1. Place chicken, peppercorns, carrots, onions, salt, bay leaves, and celery in a large stockpot.
2. Pour about 4 quarts of water. Place the pot over medium heat. When the water starts boiling, turn down
the heat to medium heat. Remove the scum that will float on top.
3. Turn the heat to low heat and cook covered for about 2 hours. Add salt to taste.
4. Strain and retain the clear liquids for this phase. Cool completely. Pour it into a container and place it in the refrigerator. Let the stock chill for a couple of hours. Fat will float on top; remove it with any remaining scum and discard it.
5. Heat the stock before serving.
6. For stage 2 and stage 3, discard the skin and bones. Blend the meat and serve