The UPS and the diesel generator are 2 instruments for keeping a server operational if there are troubles with the main power source - an interruption or unreliable current that can't keep the hosting server working properly, for instance. UPS is an abbreviation for Uninterruptible Power Supply, even though it is oftentimes called Uninterruptible Power Source as well. The UPS is, essentially, a powerful battery which is attached to the server and to the power network all the time, so in case there is any blackout, it's already working, which enables the hosting server to continue working without losing any data. The diesel generator is an engine which will power up an entire data center. It needs some time to begin working and it's the UPS that provides that time. Those 2 power solutions are an absolute necessity for any facility or provider that wants to prevent info loss and hardware damage caused by an unexpected electric power issue.

UPS & Diesel Back-up Generator in Cloud Web Hosting

We offer Linux cloud web hosting service in 3 of the largest data centers throughout the world. They are based in the United States, in the United kingdom and in Australia. Due to the fact that data security and server uptime are our priorities, all three facilities have several backup systems against power outages. A number of diesel generators can keep the servers working for hours or even for a few days and each and every machine which is part of our cutting-edge cloud platform features its own enterprise-class UPS to keep it operational until the generators kick in. This setup is among the reasons why we can ensure a 99.9% web server and network uptime, so if you host your sites in a shared account with our company, you shall benefit from a fast and outstanding service and never having to worry about any disruptions due to power outages.

UPS & Diesel Back-up Generator in Semi-dedicated Servers

We offer semi-dedicated server accounts in our data center in the town center of Chicago and among the list of factors behind our 99.9% uptime guarantee is the superb backup setup that the facility offers. Your new account will be set up on our top-notch hosting platform and each of the servers that are part of it features its own potent UPS unit which will ensure that it stays 100% operational at max capacity until several diesel generators take over. The latter will be able to keep the whole data center functioning for a long stretch of time, without any limits on the number or the sort of devices that can work, so you will not see any difference in the performance or the loading speed of any site you host there. With our semi-dedicated servers, you shall have the opportunity to use a top-quality hosting service with no disruptions of any kind.